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This year, we are partnering with WATER FOR AFRICA and builing wells. Yes, you read right. We are aiming to build 12 wells this year with the funds raised from Running and Walking events across Australia. We think it is 'WELL WORTH IT'. 

Water for Africa are the pro's at drilling these holes, so we will get them to do the ground work. 

We need YOU to raise the funds to get those Wells going and bring life back into communities! 

Results from our survey in February show that women in our program walk a return trip of at least 5km 3 times per day to get water. Sometimes it is up to 10km, and often the water isn't even clean, polluted with human and animal waste! This leaves communities susceptible to life threatening diseases, like typhoid. 

It costs just $7,000 to build a well 

$7,000 to bring life back to 1000 people, and deliver safe, clean drinking water- the source of life!  

Get a team together, register for your event and create a group profile through the link below. Share with your friends and on socials, and keep an eye out for training tips in the lead up! 

Sign up as an inidividual, and your funds will be put toward restoring a pre-existing bore hole! 

Let's do this! 


1. Register through the S2S website in order to recieve an event bib to race in 

2. Click on the Register now button below to create a profile and start fundraising! 

Love Mercy 

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